Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The Bank aims to double its business in the next 5 years. Expansion plan is underway for opening more branches in prime locations of the City. Our main focus is to explore such areas as are not covered by adequate banking facilities.

The adoption of all modern banking technology for still better service will be the priority of the Bank always. The environment and ambience of our branches and Admin Office match with those of national corporate norms and standards.

The Bank is poised to move towards need-based and behaviour-based segmentation in the next few years. Considering that the number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day, the Bank has already started services of mobile banking and will shortly commence net banking services.

The bank will expand its horizons beyond the traditional banking products and enter into newer ventures to increase its bottom-line combines with cost rationalization.

In summary, Bank will spotlight on exemplary customer services as well as satisfaction across all channels.

We considers Customers as Valued Customers and provides
Top Level Banking Services to make the bank more famous.