From the Desk of Chairman

It is my privilege to address all the visitors of this website of The Textile Co-operative Bank of Surat Ltd., Surat, one of the fast growing and techno-savvy urban co-operative banks in South Gujarat.

The Bank was registered as a co-operative society under Sec. 9 of the Gujarat Co-operative Societies Act, 1961, on 18th December, 1995 act the registration number SA-2946 of 1995, on the strength whereof Reserve Bank of India then issued banking license on 24th January, 1996 with serial number Guj.1210P.

The Bank, having been equipped with full authority from the Regulators, opened and commenced its business on 05th February, 1996 on the 05th floor of Textile Tower Market, Ring Road, Surat, having its registered office and main branch situated at the same place, covering 06 shops from 531 to 536. The initial (seed) capital and working funds were meager as also the number of share-holders and employees on the day the Bank came into existence.

But, in due course, with the sincere efforts of our C.E.O., Sh B. L. Khandelwal and his team of dedicated workers in addition to the good name and fame of the Board of Directors, the Bank took long strides towards firm progress with result that the financial position as on 31st March, 2016 is very encouraging and far more stable than before, as under:

(in lacs)

As on
(After-Scam Year)
31-03-2014 31-03-2015 31-03-2016
Share Capital 99.44 133.28 152.68 169.83
Reserves & Funds 1059.20 1427.91 1453.04 1674.67
Net Worth   1257.51 1453.54  1525.10
Deposits  1718.59 5679.34 6626.38 7992.03
Advances 1884.48 1704.48 1902.40 2280.98
Total Business 3603.07 7283.82 8528.78  10273.01
Net Profit 15.79  124.49 174.48 135.08
No. of Branches 03 04  04 04
No. of Employees  38 50 52 57
No. of Share-holders 3152 4136 4338 4451
No. of Accounts 9578 14204 13692 14309
Business / Branch  1201.02 1845.96  2134.02 2568.25
Business / Employee 94.81 147.68 164.16 180.23

Our goal - Rs.100 crore deposits and our mission - more branches during financial 2016-17 and to create employment for nearly 20 suitable candidates. We have adopted all the modern banking technology to provide fast and efficient services to our customers. We are ready with CBS, Rupay ATM debit cards, mobile services, RTGS and NEFT facilities. We have now launched our website and soon we shall adopt net-banking also.

Our C.E.O., Sh. B L Khandelwal, is a highly experienced and knowledgeable banker, who formerly served The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd in managerial capacity for many years with a practical track record of excellent performance. He has been an instrument in steering the Institution clear of MMCB scam in 2002 and surviving honourably. Due to his vision, the Bank has reached at this commendable level of development in just 12 years, considering the period just after the bank scams. He has maintained amicable industrial relationship with the staff-members at all levels throughout his tenure till date, which has worked as a catalyst in the Bank’s tremendous all-round development.

Next in the hierarchy following C.E.O. comes the post of the Manager (Administration) which is efficaciously handled by Sh Ajitpraksh I. Parekh, a banker with varied executive experience of 50 years plus to his credit. A staunch disciplinarian, he has streamlined the functioning of the Bank and ushered a sense of responsibility in all the staff-members in order to render quick and efficient customer services and augment business easily.

My other responsible colleagues are :

  • Shri Vivek J. Trivedi, Manager (Development)
  • Shri Jitendra C. Patel, Manager (Audit & Inspection)
  • Shri Shehzad J. Langdana, Manager (CCPC)

besides zealous Managers of our four branches, namely

  • Shri. Rushi M. Bhatt- B/o Ring Road, Surat
  • Shri. Narendra B. Pansari – B/o City Light, Surat
  • Shri. Tushar M. Tailor – B/o Salabatpura, Surat
  • Shri. Vivek J. Trivedi - B/o Kamela Darwaja, Surat

I congratulate them one and all heartily for their faithful and loyal services to the Bank.

I would end my talk at this juncture with an assurance to be with you soon.

We considers Customers as Valued Customers and provides
Top Level Banking Services to make the bank more famous.